A man seeks solitude in the countryside, but his plans are ruined by a strange young girl. These two wounded souls form a bond that will save both their lives.

Studded with plot twists and laughter, Twitcher takes audiences on a journey deep into the dark and back up to the light.

Twitcher Bird

The Story

Bill, a troubled young man, seeks refuge in the tranquillity of an ancient woodland. But he is interrupted by a girl with problems of her own.

Ella, 13, is oddly oblivious to Bill’s wish to be alone, and he cannot shake her off however hard he tries.

To protect his privacy, Bill pretends he is a birdwatcher or ‘twitcher’. But gradually he finds himself warming to Ella. This bizarre encounter between two broken souls blossoms into a friendship.

But will Ella’s family understand? And will Bill’s demons triumph, leaving Ella more alone than ever?

Director's Notes

“Twitcher is character-led, and its power and impact comes from the central relationship between Bill and Ella. No quick cuts, flashy filters or overbearing music. I will shoot this film in a clean, simple way, allowing the story and characters to shine through.”

Leanne Welham, writer and director


Like director and writer Leanne Welham’s other films, Twitcher explores the messier human encounters and the way they shape our lives. The relationship that develops between Bill and Ella is undeniably strange, but compelling and ultimately uplifting.

Twitcher’s ‘third lead character’ is the sumptuous, brooding English countryside. Captured on 35mm, these landscapes will be at their most gorgeous and most dramatic.

Twitcher is a story of redemption that will move and charm audiences in equal measure. It celebrates the beauty and power of nature, and the unpredictable, transformative impact of human relationships, through the prism of a touching drama.